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Online marketing plans and strategies

Are you searching for an agency with strategic capability? Being online is no longer virgin territory, and to give your SME or startup the best chance of survival, you need specialists with experience of online marketing who can support you in multiple disciplines.

When starting any business, we recommend you consider an online marketing strategy and get professional advice as early as possible. That’s where we can help. We create online marketing plans, tailored to your SME.

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Taking time over your online strategy can bring new ideas that can help you reach your goals. It’ll also bring focus to your marketing activities, allowing you to work more efficiently and be able to identify greater possibilities. We can also help you create a more realistic view of your business thanks to our specialist tools and knowledge.

At Insitus, we have extensive and practical experience in all areas of online marketing. We can advise you on how best to kick off your online marketing and how to publicise your products or services. Above all, we can help you create a brand that stands out from your competitors’, making it one that your potential customers will remember.

Contact us about an online marketing plan for your business

  • Situation analysis
  • Analysis of your competitors in search engines and from a brand perspective
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Analysis of your target market
  • Setting objectives with KPIs or other success indicators
  • Objectives
  • Strategy routes
  • SWOT analysis
  • Projections and adapted budgets on time and reality

Google Partner

Our agency is recognised as a certified business partner by Google.

Goole Partners

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What does it mean?

Our agency complies with the four requirements stipulated by Google:

  1. 1. Members of our team have passed at least one basic and one advanced exam.
    In fact, we’ve exceeded the minimum requirements, having achieved the following certifications:
    • Google Partners 3 basic Google Partners.
    • Google Partners 3 Advanced Search Google Partners.
    • Google Partners 2 Advanced Display Advertising Google Partners.
    • Google Partners 1 Advanced Video Google Partner.
  2. 2. Our customers have spent over $3,000 in the last month, demonstrating that we’re trusted by others
  3. 3. We comply with Google’s policies, and include this mandatory link with guidelines in English.
  4. 4. Google monitors and registers the quality our clients receive. We’re required to meet a minimum standard of quality, and can proudly say we provide a higher quality service than many other Google Partners:

Google Partners

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