Adwords Agency


Are you searching for a professional Adwords agency to manage your PPC or SEM campaigns?

There are few agencies which are as highly qualified as Insitus, and few teams as experienced as ours.

Why choose us as your Google Adwords agency/manager?

We take full advantage of this powerful tool, exploring all its possibilities. From YouTube to display advertising, remarketing, and search; these tools work better if they’re integrated.

We’re proud to have:

  • 3 Adwords Fundamentals accreditations
  • 2 advanced accreditations in search advertising
  • 2 advanced accreditations in display advertising
  • 2 advanced accreditations in Google Analytics
  • 1 advanced accreditation in Google Mobile
  • 1 advanced accreditation in Google Video
  • 1 advanced accreditation in Google Shopping

More accreditations = more guarantees

These highly sought-after accreditations not only demonstrate our skills in this field, they also allow us to work closer with Google, attending summits, testing new products, and being part of a worldwide community of experts that helps others. We have more accreditations than most other Google Partners. Check them by clicking on any of the images. Are the other agencies you’re considering as highly accredited as we are?


Expert Management

Best Practices

High performance keeps customers happy and improves your standing as a Google Partner.

International Adwords

Even more advantages

  • We comply with all of Google Adwords’ third party policies.
  • We are active members of the Google Adwords Spanish and international communities.
  • Experience: we have years of experience of managing Adwords campaigns, adopting different approaches to maximise this tool. We have satisfied clients in several sectors including tourism, education, finance, insurance, retail, property and pharmaceuticals.
  • Flexibility: we offer multiple options and embrace different ways of working to suit your business
  • Tools: You’ll have access to the best tools and technology to ensure your campaign is ahead of the rest