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Google Merchant Centre and Google Shopping Campaigns


Congratulations! Your online shop is ready, your products are labelled and your e-commerce services are up and running.

But now you want your products to show up on Google Shopping.

Do you need Google Shopping or Google Merchant Centre configured for your e-commerce?
Then You’ve come to the right place.


Data feed configuration for Google Shopping campaigns isn’t easy. It’s a relatively new tool but one that we have an in-depth understanding of. We’ll guide you through the configuration process whether you’re using Prestashop or another e-commerce site.

From correctly configuring data feeds and Google Ad campaigns for your products through to dynamic remarketing and optimisation, we’ll take care of it all.

Dynamic Remarketing

We’ll configure your campaigns so that users who have previously shown an interest in your ecommerce see your adverts. But we don’t just show them a banner simply advertising your business, we show them the actual products that they looked at while on your site. This is called dynamic remarketing.

Ecommerce Programming

If you need to change or update your online shop, we’ll help you with that too. We’re experts in Woocommerce and Prestashop.

Contact us to discuss your Google Shopping campaign

  • Advice on correctly categorising and labeling your products.
  • Data feed configuration.
  • Merchant Center registration.
  • Importing data feeds to Google Ads.
  • Linking Google Ads to your Merchant Center account..
  • Setting up Shopping campaigns in Google Ads.
  • Dynamic remarketing strategy and set-up.
  • Profit-driven optimisation and management of data feeds.