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Whether your goal is to sell, raise brand awareness, or nurture a community of like-minded users on social media, we take your advertising to Facebook.

You probably already know, with 2.7 billion active users per month, Facebook is by far the largest social network. But what does that mean for your company?

Well, Facebook has the most powerful demographic targeting tools, especially when compared to its benchmark competitor, Google.

Compared with Google’s Display network, Facebook has more accurate segmentation capabilities, keeps a stable quality of traffic coming from the same platform (instead of erratic placements as it sometimes happens with Google) at similar CPCs.

Benefits of Facebook or Instagram advertising

It’s also important to understand these benefits from a holistic marketing perspective:

Upper funnel: Paid social ads attract users to your sales funnel by enhancing your brand’s visibility and encouraging interest from potential customers.

Lower funnel: Paid social ads can also successfully move customers down the sales funnel by reassuring and reminding them to buy.


Some of the advantages of using Facebook for marketing your business

Advanced audience targeting

This is Facebook's best asset. There are many ways to segment Facebook users: demographically; by interests; but also custom audiences (users who performed specific actions on your website); similar audiences (to reach people similar to the custom audience); and customer lists (where you upload existing customer data lists and Facebook finds similar facebook user profiles).

Sales on Facebook

In addition to the different formats we can use to present your products, we can also send traffic to your website from Facebook. We can also upload your product catalogue, so that users can start the purchase process without leaving Facebook, which increases the chances of a purchase.

Facebook’s AI ads optimisation

Using its vast amount of behavioural data gathered throughout the years, Facebook uses artificial intelligence to optimise your ads according to the users’ past actions on the platform. The result has visibly improved in later years.

Branding on Facebook

Facebook is the perfect platform for showcasing your product or service, raising awareness, engaging users via comments, and impacting as many users as possible. Through Facebook we can use explanatory videos or ads with photos to showcase your products or services.

Measurement and monitoring

At Insitus, measuring comes high on our agenda. In addition to the measurement tools provided by Facebook, we also provide analytics solutions with Google Analytics (correctly configured for Facebook) and interactive dashboards with Data Studio connected to Facebook.

Social Media

Talking about social media often goes hand in hand with talking about how to manage everything from day-to-day interactions to adopting the right strategy. At Insitus we have experienced specialists in strategy and community management who work collaboratively with our Facebook marketing specialists to grow your community sooner and more cost-effectively.

Creative process

Our experienced and talented writers will craft exceptional ad copy for your Facebook marketing campaign. We believe that mixing data and creativity is the perfect combination for successful campaigns. We’ll undertake testing of various creatives, ad copies, images, and audiences, and strive to spend the budget on the best performing ones.

At Insitus, we focus on achieving profitable results. Our growth mentality, talented specialists and experience across many industries means we can deliver at scale.


If you are interested in advertising on Facebook, we can help with:

  • Campaigns on your Facebook page
  • Campaigns on your website
  • Facebook Shops (for seamless shopping experiences on Facebook)
  • Social media management