YouTube marketing (Adwords video campaigns)

We really like Youtube advertising campaigns. And they’re not just for big brands, they’re great for SMEs and small businesses too! 


Why advertising on YouTube?

Why? Because videos are the best way to explain even complex ideas cheaply to a wide audience. Did you know that with only 50 euros 5,000 users will see your videos?

You just have to take the plunge!

Also, videos are perfect for creating a community, interacting with it, or getting followers, and it’s one of the most engaging ways of demonstrating your products and services to your audiences.

We suggest creating original videos that are best suited to achieving the results you’re aiming for. Once you have a couple of videos on Youtube, we can configure and manage your campaigns to maximise potential customers at the lowest possible cost to you.

The videos we produce are adapted to your requirements, at competitive prices and we take care of everything. The procedure is simple: a first meeting, the presentation of a storyboard or a video model, production, editing and delivery – and then we can get your Google Ads on YouTube going.

Whether it is a corporate video, a promotional video, a technical industrial video, the recording of a video event, or a DIY video like unboxing. Even animations and explainer videos. Insitus has high level professionals in charge of equipment, music, rights, search for actors and post-production.



The benefits of Adwords Video Campaigns

Now you’re asking why you should do Youtube Marketing. Running video ads on YouTube has many benefits:

  • You can connect with your audience and potential customers using powerful tools for demographic segmentation. 
  • Segmenting well you spend less. One view on your video can actually be as cheap as one euro cent! This means that with 50 euros you will be able to reach up to 5,000 people. 
  • You can track all campaign indicators. views, reach, costs, user actions on your website and much more, which allows us to optimize and achieve your goals.

With YouTube videos, you give more people the chance to discover your videos and consequently position your and your brand correctly. 


Get your quote today!

Ask us for a quote to create eye-catching promotional or corporate videos.

This is what we offer in terms of video production:


  • Creative advertisement audiovisuals 
  • Corporate videos
  • Industrial videos
  • Promotional videos
  • DIY videos like unboxing
  • Animations and explainer videos
  • Sound, actors, catering, transfers, equipment



Get in touch!

Contact us about your YouTube campaigns and let’s get started to reach a wider audience. We offer:

  • Strategic advice
  • Setting up your YouTube channel
  • Linking your YouTube channel to Google Adwords
  • Adwords video or in-stream ads campaign set-up
  • YouTube remarketing
  • Management and optimisation of Adwords video campaigns

If you’re interested in YouTube advertising campaigns (Adwords video), you’ve come to the right place.